Invitation for exhibitors!

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We are proud to announce that the 76th National Agriculture and Food Exhibition (Országos Mezőgazdasági és Élelmiszeripari Kiállítás, in short OMÉK) opens its gates in Budapest in the Hungexpo Budapest Fair Center on 18 September 2013. OMÉK is known as the largest and most visited agricultural and food exhibition in Hungary. Last year's 75th jubilee festival went beyond all expectations; therefore we set the bar even higher this time to create an unforgettable experience for our visitors.

For centuries now, the Hungarian food industry has been producing excellent and tasty food not just for the domestic market but for the foreign market as well. In the Carpathian Basin, right in the heart of Middle Europe, the conditions are just perfect to produce high-quality food which will be served under 21st century standards. OMÉK, as an agricultural and food muster, gives a prime opportunity for the food producers and manufacturers to introduce their products to each other and to the consumers by various sample tastings and sales opportunities.

OMÉK has a long-standing tradition and plays a lead role in agriculture; therefore this 76th event creates an excellent opportunity for the Hungarian and the international companies to get new suppliers, to open new markets for their products and services and to strengthen their present market positions through direct encounters with the consumers.

OMÉK is the perfect scene where the companies can make their professional debut, but it also gives the visitors an authentic and detailed introduction about agricultural life, food industry and food processing. Our event also deals with the importance of food safety and gives a comprehensive picture of the food chain structure also known as the long way from the soil to the spoon.

In 2011 the 75th Jubilee OMÉK had more than 85,000 visitors who had the chance to meet exhibitors that work in different branches of the agriculture. According to our surveys the exhibitors are more than satisfied. They did not just gained priceless information and made new contacts but they also felt that this exhibition had a great business value, so the participation is highly recommended.

I do believe that it is our common interest to represent the Hungarian agriculture in a worthy manner in this prestigious event. We would like to greet your enterprises as our partners, so please register to our exhibition.

Be a part of this special event!